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Over half a century know-how combined to latest technologies

More than half a century of know-how in monitor and control thickness solutions for the steel and aluminium making activities. Our predecessors, Sheffield, Bendix and Measuray Corp. start offering open solutions for thickness control on steel process lines and steel making factories in the 50's. We are proud to keep on this tradition, providing until today unique, rugged and reliable systems made to stand the test of the time. Our approach and our passion for this work has remained unchanged over time.

Carry on traditions

We are a flexible and versatile small technical Company, with expertise in advanced technologies applied mainly to the steel and aluminium making activities. Established in 1996 in Genoa, began as a purely technical engineering group to supports the existing Industries in the transition between the era of analog and digital. His primary activity was helping Partners and Customers to find solutions in process quality optimization matters.

Today, we are a technical Company providing specialized technical advice, industrial services and integrated solutions for the heavy Industry.  Our know-how comes from 20+ years of unbroken experience in the field. LGE has been introduced in the market as a-side technical support for their activities from leading National and International Companies. During the years, an increasing number of Customers feels the need to update their outdated systems, adding modern features to already installed hardware.

 A number of Customers entrusts this task to LGE until today, letting us measuring and control the thickness and other variables of their products in their process lines.

  • Speed of the process
  • Tracking, position
  • Vibration index of the mill stand
  • Thickness or shape of the strip
  • Continuity of the part
  • Planarity (on flat products)
  • Hidden defectivity on the welding
  • Temperature, humidity and environment parameters

Each one of the above data comes from a different equipment or it is calculated indirectly. As input, we can gather data for a large number of devices, using a wide range of standard protocols.

  • Ethernet
  • Profibus
  • Modbus RTU, Modbus Ethernet
  • CAN-Open
  • Serial / Binary / BCD
  • OPC 
  • Analog

The final goal of the process optimization

We are specialists in process optimization. Our secret is the process knowledge. We deliver ready to go solutions to hit the target of optimization ensuring a fast ROI: at first, we collect the data from almost any kind of different devices (based on different technologies) of a specific variable (speed, position, width, thickness, distance, flatness, temperature, chemical composition) directly during the process.  Second, once collected, we cross analyze the available data, and finally we provide, using advanced algorithms, a reliable output to be used as input for set up your existing process control systems.

Our solutions are online and hard real-time, with the response time < 1ms.

Our main target is to help our Customers to produce better, faster and cheaper, by helping to identify the possible process bottle-necks. In few words, our solutions are capable of cross-checking, comparing and providing predictive suggestion and post process statistical reports data to obtain the best from the production line.


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    Once upon a time

    More than half a century of knowledge in monitor and control steel and aluminium processes. Sheffield  starts offering solutions for thickness control on steel process lines. Rugged and reliable analog systems made to stand the test of the time.


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    The Analog Era

    Bendix acquires Sheffield Corporation  and spreads the process control technology all over the world, becoming the market's leader with thousand systems world-wide. The very first in the industry PC based prototype, developed by Measuray, was the X-ACTA model. Some still in service today!

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    The LGE Era

    A small technical Company supporting the existing realities in the transition between analog and digital Era. Thanks to the cooperation with world's Leader, LGE achieved a good number of applications worldwide, supporting Customers in the everyday challenge of maximize the product quality.

  • The 50's and 60's
  • The 70's and 80's
  • The 90's and 2000