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Upgrading and revamping

Time to refit?

When it’s the right time to invest in new equipment?  You know for sure it’s time to upgrade if your equipment is no more safe,causing downtime or its spare parts are no more available, or will be unavailable on market in the short term.  Standards are changing and new equipment are safer. A major safety improvement may mean it’s time to upgrade. 

We offer ready-to-use upgrading kit which will add the most modern features to outdated equipment, easy to install and use for outdated equipment from discontinued or acquired Companies:

  • Sheffield
  • Sheffield Bendix
  • Measuray 
  • KMI
  • Loral 
  • PDM
  • ITA 



Obsolete systems upgrading Wide range of revamping kits

Complete review of the cabinets and field units with replacing of obsolete or damaged components in compliance with the latest directives. Possibility to completely turn an old device to a digital device of the latest generation.