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Ideal solutions designed for 24/7 hot and cold metals making activities

We provide proven, rugged and reliable solution specifically designed to be suitable for 24/7 service into aggressive and harsh industrial environments, such as hot rolling, hot strip and hot plate mills as well as casting lines, cold mills and finishing lines.

Quality solutions for hot and cold areas

Our solutions find their natural application in the online measurement on hot and cold metals, mainly on steel and aluminium. Our expertise comes from decades of unbroken experience in metal making activities, and we have at disposal ready-to-go solutions for a large variety of process and variables.

  • Rugged and proven solutions
  • Latest available technologies
  • First class service for our premium Customers
  • Upgrading / Revamping plug and play kits
  • Maintenance free equipment and predictive maintenance tools
  • Smart, easy and cost effective

Each process is different but the goal is the same: maximize the products quality

  • Plate Mills and Casting Lines
  • Hot Rolling
  • Hot Strip Mills
  • Cold Rolling
  • Tandem Mills
  • Reversing Mills
  • Z-Mills
  • Foil Mills
  • Metal Ribbon
  • Aluminium Foil
  • Process and Finishing Lines
  • Slitting
  • Cut to Length
  • Pickling
  • Electrolytic Tinning Line
  • Recoiling Lines
  • Skin-Pass
  • Special Units , Laboratory Devices

Ready to use solutions for different kind of materials

  • Steel
  • Aluminium
  • Ceramics

at different temperature and material's state

  • Hot area
  • Cold area



Obsolete systems upgrading Wide range of revamping kits

Complete review of the cabinets and field units with replacing of obsolete or damaged components in compliance with the latest directives. Possibility to completely turn an old device to a digital device of the latest generation.