CWG - Coating Weight Gauges

Our coating measurement system can measure continuously and online during process different nature of coatings:

  • zinc
    zinc and iron
    zinc and aluminium

Using back-scattering, as for the overall thickness, our coating gauges can be controlled by a PC or a PLC, using pure digital signals from and to sensors. Due to the low level of signal in this kind of equipments, we do use only HDX and HGX sensors, to guarantee a very high precision.

Our coating gauging systems had a big positive impact on our Customer's production quality. A tight control of coating can be translated into savings, giving exactly the right balance using the correct quantity of material. The coating weight gauge is an x-ray based system for measurement of a specific coating over a substrate.
The system is designed primarily for a zinc coating over steel, but measurement of other specific coatings, such as tin are possible. The system is a non-contact device that relies on x-ray florescence of the substrate (steel), and measures the attenuation of the resulting radiation through the coating. The system consist of a sensor head, an application specific scanning frame, a local control cabinet (LCC), a fiber optic communication link, and a computer cabinet, also called an electronic power cabinet (EPC). Gauging parameters such as set thickness, range, etc. can be entered from the local operator's computer (at the EPC), or from a host computer/PLC. The GGC Coating Weight Gauge operates on an industrial computer system for improved reliability, however, it can also run on a commercial grade PC that has an ethernet port and two USB ports. This document will discuss the HMI aspect of the software and its functionality. All necessary settings are stored on the local hard drive, and will be reloaded when the software is restarted.