D3Gauge, simple and digital pc based design. Over 10 years since the first installation.

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D3Gauge is a modern and reliable industrial thickness gauge to measure thickness of flat products, online and with no contact with the material to be measured. D3Gauge is a X-Ray based measurement system built following the most restrictive safety rules. It is suitable to measure different kind of materials. It finds it's natural application on production lines of  steel  both “cold” and “hot” and aluminum.

 D3Gauge was developed under the directives of maintenance users, taking care of critical points and eliminating time losses not compatible with modern production needs. The software shares only digital signals on Ethernet using TCP/iP or UDP/iP. Signals are sent as “numbers” enclosed in a simple protocol. The name “D3” is at the base of the concept. “D” is for digital, “3” is for the number of  main peripherals which are digitally controlled by the main unit, an industrial PC. The core is in charge to control input and output signals.


  • No third parties electronic boards to be installed in
  • Reduced wiring
  • Easy installation and startup (2 days)
  • Performance independent by the wiring route
  • No third parties drivers are necessary
  • No signal conversions 

Consequently the software  can run on several type of operating system  (Microsoft ® Windows or Linux) without restrictions of using no real-time deterministic kernels.