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Standard layout

  • EPC - Electonic Power Cabinet 

  • FRAME and Motion Control Cabinet

  • OpHMI -Operator's Remote

Perfecta Cabinet N-gaugemonitorD3

Compact layout

  • FRAME and Motion Control Cabinet

  • OpHMI -Operator's Remote


All-in-one layout

  • FRAME and Motion Control Cabinet 


D3Gauge - Integrated, digital, user friendly

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The most modern, efficient and reliable way to measure and control the thickness on steel and aluminium flat products

D3Gauge is a revolutionary product in the gauging history; Thanks to its open architecture it is not an hidden "black box" with unclear functionality. It is a full digital system in sensors and peripherals, using open protocols and user friendly HMIs. The measuring process is made directly by the hard real time kernel of the detector head which has an on board intelligence, capable to share the meaningful signals with the Core. D3Gauge provides hard real time output signal as input to AGC systems.

Connect the smart units to your existing automation and let them optimize your process

Feel free to try the D3, the open architecture digital system. The smart units are industrial digital sensors with embedded processors, providing hard real time data of the measured variable. Using standard protocols, POE powered and limited wiring for interconnections,, the Smart units are suitable to be integrated into an existing automation system in order to provide reliable data for process control.

Tired of "black boxes" with unclear hidden functionality? D3 is open and linear.