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Online thickness measurement solutions

We are specialists in the online measurement of thickness and density on flat products, no contact and directly during the process. Our systems are the ideal solution as input for automatic gauge control, providing accurate, fast and reliable data output as input reference for the automation process control. 

Key features

  • Signal transmission: fully digital
  • Response Time: from 100 microseconds
  • Accuracy : +/- 1/1000 of the target thickness
  • Stability and drift: 0.1% in 10 hours base

 cold mill frames

Thickness of flat metals

Extremely accurate measurement of the thickness along the strip length. 1 set of sensors is required.


3 points scan Thickness and profile measurement

Centerline and border on demand cross profile scanning along the width. 3 set of sensors is required.


Continouos profile scanning Thickness & profile measurement

Continous scanning with moving sensors along the width and centreline scanning. 1 set of sensors is required.


Thickness related variables Edge drop, wedge and crown

Scanning solutions ideal for edge drop and crown evaluation, cross shape profile of a flat product useful to perfectly set up the rolls.

Coating thickness

Our coating measurement system can measure continuously and online during process different nature of coatings:

  • zinc
  • zinc and iron
  • zinc and aluminium

Density and inconsistency

Enhanced accuracy & dependability solution to inspect material's density and inconsistency. Flexible PLC-based design using widely available off-the-shelf components.

Online data mining

Each system is suitable to securely store data and provide work reports, built with cross referenced data deriving from several process variables such as speed, vibrations and thickness.

Post process statistics

From traditional analysis of variance and linear regression to inference and high-performance modeling methods for massive data analysis.

Data storage and presentation

Secure storage capability to centrally managed servers ensuring wide capacity and appropriate performance for different types of data and cross referenced analysis results stored in wide used database formats, ensuring the complete process knowledge at the mouse click.

Standard layout

  • EPC - Electonic Power Cabinet 

  • FRAME and Motion Control Cabinet

  • OpHMI -Operator's Remote

Perfecta Cabinet N-gaugemonitorD3

Compact layout

  • FRAME and Motion Control Cabinet

  • OpHMI -Operator's Remote


All-in-one layout

  • FRAME and Motion Control Cabinet 


Available protocols for data sharing


Ethernet / iP TCP/IP , UDP/iP , Modbus Client on Ethernet, OPC Client 
Profibus DP Slave
Serial / ASCII  Modbus RTU

Remote and mobile support is available.


Uncompromised performances

Our automated solutions find their natural application on critical manufacturing activities and 24/7 process lines. Thickness control, tracking, part positioning, welding or defect detection are just an example of the possible applications of our systems. We develop PLC's, PCs or micro controller based application using the best available technologies combined with a 20+ years unbroken experience in the steel and metal making activities.

Sharp Performances

Ideal as automatic gauge control input

Best-in-class hardware and open philosophy

Our philosophy since the inception is to provide high quality solutions, made using first class, open, standard and off-the-shelf industrial components made to stand the test of the time. Each system is equipped with latest generator's sensors, using digital and noise-free architecture which ensure linearity and sharp performances in every work condition.

Ethernet Sensors

Customized software

We design each part to perfectly meet Customer's requirements. We believe in flexible and open platforms in which the user of the system is considered the owner



Back to the sensors

Our secret is in our sensors. We provide proven and reliable solutions for industrial needs using the best available technologies and up-to-date tools. 

Big Frame

Digital noise-free architecture

Due to the digital signal transmission, our solution's architecture are noise-free and the performances are independent by the wiring length and the cables location.