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  • Modern and reliable measurement solutions, online and no contact
  • Rugged and durable measurement solutions suitable to industrial harsh environments
  • We take pride in Service

Specialists on flat products, measuring online and no contact in harsh environment

Modern industry requires high technological content solutions to improve the process knowledge in order to optimize the overall quality of the final product. We are specialist in thickness measurement and control in the steel and aluminium making activities. Our solutions help our Customers produce the highest quality materials in rolling mills and process lines around the world. Since the 50's, LGE and its predecessors have built on a tradition of innovation and engineering excellence. By focusing on research and development we are continuously striving to be the preferred supplier for high technological solution in the heavy industry. Our main target is to help our Customers to produce better, faster and cheaper, by helping to identify the possible process bottle-necks leading to a low quality products. Thickness consistency and repeatability are two of the main features which identify an high quality flat product, and those variability highlight the overall quality of the production process. However, thickness is greatly influenced by other process variables, such as vibration, speed, temperature so a stand-alone approach to the thickness control can not be acceptable in the modern industry. 

A global approach to the process optimization


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Our solutions may help to improve the overall process quality and performances in several ways, cross referencing data from different variables which may affect the final result of an acceptable product. We offer "holistic" solutions to maximize the process quality. Once the variable to be optimized has been identified, (i.e. thickness, shape, density),  the first step is to measure the variable in the most possible accurate way. We provide best-in-class thickness measurement solutions, online and no contact. The following step is to inspect the variable to understand in which condition and from which other variables may be influenced. The last step is to let our systems control the process devices to obtain the best possible result considering other variable's interference. Information gathered can be used online and offline to clarify which are the process parameters to modify in order to maximize the goal  of obtaining a superior final product.


  • Fully digital solutions
  • Reduced wiring
  • Cross platforms
  • Easy to use, open and linear
  • Simple to maintain
  • Costs effective
  • Reliable and durable


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A full range of ready-to-go solutions for a large number of applications, online and no contact, for process and finishing lines, with or without AGC.

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Cross platforms, open and custom tailored application for better fit Customer's requirements and expectations

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    Once upon a time

    More than half a century of knowledge in monitor and control steel and aluminium processes. Sheffield  starts offering solutions for thickness control on steel process lines. Rugged and reliable analog systems made to stand the test of the time.


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    The Analog Era

    Bendix acquires Sheffield Corporation  and spreads the process control technology all over the world, becoming the market's leader with thousand systems world-wide. The very first in the industry PC based prototype, developed by Measuray, was the X-ACTA model. Some still in service today!

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    The LGE Era

    A small technical Company supporting the existing realities in the transition between analog and digital Era. Thanks to the cooperation with world's Leader, LGE achieved a good number of applications worldwide, supporting Customers in the everyday challenge of maximize the product quality.

  • The 50's and 60's
  • The 70's and 80's
  • The 90's and 2000

Obsolete systems upgrading Wide range of revamping kits

Complete review of the cabinets and field units with replacing of obsolete or damaged components in compliance with the latest directives. Possibility to completely turn an old device to a digital device of the latest generation.

Fully digital solutions

100% digital in sensors, architecture and peripherals. Few wiring, standard protocols and user friendly.

Hard real time kernels

Deterministic on-board real time kernels with unparalleled speed and reliability

Maintenance Free

Save maintenance time and shut down using predictive maintenance features.