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Thickness and profile control

No contact longitudinal and profile thickness control on hot and cold flat products

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Width and shape control

No contact width control on hot and cold flat products

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Surface inspection yield management

No contact surface shape and surface defects inspection

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Roughness and porosity control

No contact surface roughness control

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Flatness and planarity control

No contact flatness and planarity control

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Coating weight and substrate thickness

No contact coating thickness and coating weight

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Crop optimization and shear control

Cut coordinates calculation and shear control feedback

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Shape, length and straightness control

No contact dimensions, shape, ovality and straigthness

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Emulsion and coolant fluids control

Coolant fluids emulsion concentration measurement, regulation and control

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Scarfing monitor and weld continuity

Scarfing monitor and weld continuity inspection

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Welding inspection and monitoring

Online welding inspection

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Mult-width control on slitting

Mult-width control on slitting processes

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Our process optimization and control solutions are appreciated all over the world for their robustness, modernity and reliability. The optimization starts from accurate data. We integrate available technologies with a single purpose: provide the most reliable and complete tools for you to have the full control of your process.






Shape 2D and 3D

Surface Defects

Welding Quality

Scarfing Monitor

Emulsion Control


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Why choose one of our solutions?

To begin with, we provide cutting-edge solutions with the latest generation technologies that are designed for both users and maintainers. Simplicity is the key to our solutions which are easily understandable and open.

Because of us


  • We have almost 30 years of experience in the field

  • We do care about our Customers and we keep supporting them over the years

  • We love the engineering side of the project and we are open to listen Customer's requests

  • We are available, and we are proud to guarantee prompt support

  • Our solutions are customized on the needs and we offer flexibility

  • We have cost effective and scalable solutions at reasonable costs

More and more solutions adapted to use are offered, where every small change is priced economically on an hourly basis. Solutions that are proposed as new but based on decades-old technologies, according to the principle that as long as it works it sells.

Because of the others


  • They dispatch poorly competent or freshly trained personnel with limited competence

  • For them, the Customer is just a number

  • They're mainly interested in sales; more salesman than technical people!

  • They are hard to get in contact with. When help is needed, they don't even answer to the phone!

  • They have "one fit all" solutions, take it or leave it 

  • They have low sale prices but extremely high price for anything else, first of all spare parts ...

We do more

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Data Analysis

Our solutions are aimed and designed to facilitate operational situations where there are uncertainties about the process, data is missing or more information is needed on the variables involved, and where possible they are aimed at resolving them. The measurement of the data is only the first step towards optimization, which envisages the improvement of aspects of the process in their entirety and complexity as subsequent phases.

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  • Online real time data acquisition

  • Online data cross referencing

  • Offline post-process data analysis

  • Data organization

  • Data storage and archive

  • Reporting

  • Process statistics

  • Predictive AI integration

Tired of unresponsive expensive support?


You're not a number

We are proud to support our Customers first and foremost by carefully listening to their requests. Our solutions are simple and robust, but also extremely modern. Their latest generation architecture allows us to take advantage of the latest support and remote diagnostic technologies and therefore to intervene very quickly, both remotely and in person (directly by us or by extremely reliable long-standing partners).

Remote Dashboard 

Our solutions doesn't require a lot of care. They have been specifically designed to receive as little attention as possible, but whenever and wherever it is needed, we take care of all of your systems on site or remotely, so you have more time to produce!

Upgrade of existing?

Do you have in house an obsolete system which is no longer able to satisfy the most modern needs and new standards? For example communications with newer protocols, reporting, interconnection? We can help! Where it is possible to recover parts of existing systems that are now obsolete and no longer supported, we look for cost effective solutions to keep some parts still efficient and upgrade the system to the latest technologies available.


We typically upgrade systems containing obsolete PC or PLC components, electronics cabinets, and other critical system components while allowing our customers to retain their functioning frames to save on installation cost and downtime. 


We're specialized in upgrading obsolete or old thickness or coating weight measurement systems from the following suppliers:


DMC/Thermo Fisher




ESC Resources


Many others!

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Thickness and profile

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Width and shape

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Surface inspection

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Latest solutions

Automatic gauge control on reversing for steel

Coolant fluids control

The ultimate solution for measuring and regulating the water/oil concentration for lubrication cooling solutions in the industry.

Shape control on pipes

3D Shaper is an innovative solution for identifying visual shape defects and out of tolerances dimensional size in line during the manufacturing processes of long products such as pipes.

Welding scarfing monitor on pipes
Scarfing Monitor

Where there is a need to online control the thickness variancy or the continuity of hidden or non-visible parts during the production, for example an internal welding bead in a metal pipe.

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